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This Audionic home theater pace 8 is the best investment to make if you want to turn your home TV room into a cinematic experience. This speaker is a powerful setup. The speaker provides impressive quality sound for all of your favorite movies. You can also plug these into your TVs and enjoy the HI-density sub-woofer for the fantastic sound quality. It catches every sound in the film.

All the people who miss going to the theaters for the tremendous experience of the movies now can have it in the comfort of their homes. These Audionic home theater pace 8 make sure you hear all the sounds clearly and crisply. For all the horror movie fanatics, now you can watch your favorite movies in the comfort of your homes with your loved ones.

With the sharp sound quality, you get a spook while protecting your current list of horror movies! NexGen has many other products which can further enhance your home cinema, like LED televisions, speakers, projectors, and many more, be sure to check them out!

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  • HI-density sub-woofer for the amazing sound quality which catches every sound in the movie
  • With five 3″ satellites and an 8″ subwoofer, Pace 8 has an enhanced audio projection that gets to all the corners of the room.
  • USB port
  • AUX input
  • TF card
  • built-in FM Radio
  • wireless remote control